Stony Brook 2008

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Andrew Abreu and Alexx Smith

Rebecca Boerigter and Jennifer Lippens

Jonathan Botts and Katherine Southard

Kirsten Deitrick and Samantha Cheong

Kirsten Deitrick and Amanda Torelli

Zachary Germain and Ali Kennicutt

Jeff Green and Emily Meissen

Amanda Labuza and Jennifer Lippens

Biyu Li and Jennifer Rubel

Josh Menke and Rebecca Boerigter

Josh Menke and Kathryn Celentano

Michael Moebius and Monica Louie

Neal Murphy and Olivia Lau

Rich Rabin and Julia Van Cleve

Rich Rabin and Amanda Labuza

Florian Radu and Kathryn Celentano

Florian Radu and Julia Van Cleve

Roy Wellington and Nicole Piche