RPI Dancesport Competition 2016

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Aaron Alsdorf and Angelle Edwards

Dustin Andersen and Jillian Bley

Vance Catapang and Emily Fernandes

Jeffrey Galczynski and Angela Ding

(Rokas Jeriomenko) and Jenna Shulman

Kevin Kempf and Stephanie Kempf

Kristopher Kornheisl and Isabella Siu

Eric Lam and Karen Baltazar

Daniel Lubitz and Samm Katcher

Kevin Ng and Samantha Lee

Tyler O'Brien and Jessica Nicholos

Tyler O'Brien and Jenna Shulman

Alexandra Plumhoff and Diana Bogorodskaya

Rish Rastogi and Diana Bogorodskaya

Kelly Schultz and Margaret Caridi

Chris Shake and Arianna Sokaris

Thomas Solley and Nicole Piche

Will Venden and Claire Hensley

Brendan Wright and Kuwabo Mubyana