Fall 2017 Executive Committee

Officers may be contacted through the contact form.

Position Member
Jeffrey Galczynski, '18
VP, Ballroom/Latin
Isabella Siu, '18
VP, Lindy Hop
Sarah McRae, '20
Captain, Ballroom Team
Karen Baltazar, '17
Captain, Ballroom Team
Samm Katcher, '19
Treasurer, Ballroom & Latin
Susannah Kane, '20
Treasurer, Lindy Hop
Steven Beninati, '20
Treasurer, Ballroom Team
Samantha Lee, '18
Marketing Chair
Angela Ding, '18
Competition Coordinator
Kuwabo Mubyana, Grad
Social Chair
Susannah Kane '20; Dan Lubitz, '19; Samm Katcher, '19
Fundraising Chair
Brittany Wendzel, '18