Argentine Tango

NOTE: The Argentine Tango Club is no longer a branch of RPI Ballroom.

There will be no Argentine Tango lessons this semester.

What is the Argentine Tango Club?

The Argentine Tango track offers students the rare opportunity to learn the art and style of what is commonly nicknamed the "dance of passion." The Tango track strives to integrate students with the active Tango community outside of RPI as well, hoping to create as much exposure as possible so students can grow in their prowess while experiencing first hand the culture and social scene associated with the dance.

What Will I Learn?

The beginner class is for newcomers who are just becoming interested in tango and would like to learn the basics. This class will cover topics such as walking, typical "phrases," or steps, used in the dance, connection between partners, and some technical topics like musicality and style.

The intermediate class is geared towards more seasoned dancers, or dancers who have once learned tango and would like to get back into the swing of things. The class will cover more advanced dynamics for dramatic sequences or chains of different steps that, ultimately, are up to the student to break apart and integrate into their own style and interpretation of tango.