RPI DanceSport Competition 2014

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Matt Shoudy and Ali Kennicutt

Dustin Andersen and Susan Bivone

Dustin Andersen and Jillian Bley

Dustin Andersen and Rebecca Ehrhardt

Dustin Andersen and Megan Lamare

Varun Behl and Karen Baltazar

Varun Behl and Heather Covello

Varun Behl and Kevin Ng

Varun Behl and Carla Toland

Michael Candels and Taylor Turner

Kevin Kempf and Stephanie Kempf

Kevin Kempf and Nicole Piche

Alex Kocher and Megan Wart

Eric Lam and Susan Bivone

Eric Lam and Katie Boyd

Eric Lam and Kuwabo Mubyana

Wes MacDonald and Heather Covello

Dylan Maillard and Jes Champi

Dylan Maillard and Nicole Piche

Jean-Paul Reddinger and Heather Covello

Jean-Paul Reddinger and Rebecca Ehrhardt

Jean-Paul Reddinger and Kuwabo Mubyana

Jean-Paul Reddinger and Katie Wesley

Scott Waller and Carla Toland

Brendan Wright and Karen Baltazar

Brendan Wright and Kuwabo Mubyana

Brendan Wright and Laura Napierkowski